XXL Carnival 是广西达亨文化传媒有限公司旗下 daheng event 中最重要的娱乐活动之一,主要体现Hard Dance音乐风格范畴为主的本地电子音乐嘉年华,是达亨文化一年一度的电音派对。



        In ancient times, the earth was in a war every day. In this turbulent era, a group of peace-loving people have been searching for four-petal periwinkle flowers.

        It is said that this flower symbolizes peace and never gives up, and the person who get this flower has the power to call the world.

        This group of people did not stop their pace of searching for flowers every day. On a stormy night, they were tired and hungry. They had to start digging grass to fill their hunger. Suddenly they found a place to glisten and everyone was close to seeing.

        It is the legendary four-petal periwinkle, they finally found it, so a group of people decided to establish a kingdom called Daheng, and this flower was also protected by this group forever in Daheng.